We are excited to share that starting today you can wrap any of the Chonk.finance awesome looking NFTs to play the vNFT game.

Chonk is an NFT Game where you can Stake $CHONK to catch FISH and Stake LP tokens for Legendary Tier NFT Cards.

We’ve been talking with part of the Chonk team since before we launched vNFT and they have always been supportive. They have an active community and are developing unique features for their NFT users.

This is the first step in hopefully a long term collaboration between the 2 teams.

They are also working on a unique VeryNifty themed NFT for the Chonk ecosystem. …

We are excited to announce that after discussions with the community, we are raising the price of minting new vNFTs to 150 MUSE, the change will take effect starting tomorrow at 3pm UTC.

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Learn how to join and play very nifty by following this simple guide. With VeryNifty you can wrap your NFTS and turn them into vNFTs, your vNFTs earn you MUSE (erc20) once a day by clicking on claim rewards. Use MUSE to buy different gems and raise in the leaderboard, the higher you are in the leaderboard the more MUSE you’ll mine daily. Careful though, if you don’t buy gems for several days your vNFT will die and get burned and won’t be able to mine any more MUSE.

What you’ll need:

vNFTs are cute monsters on the Ethereum blockchain you need to keep alive and raise to mine as much $muse as you need. Cause you’ll need those valuable $muse to get the best accesories in the nifty bazaar!

You enter a place that seems busy! Not hostile but nearly cause no one has time to speak to you and explain how everything works. Everyone is on a mission here! People are busy making good deals, find your way through the congested alleys, bargain the price, make friends and make enemies through negotiations. Are you the gas pamper or the simp for another pimp?

NOTE: V0.5 will be rolled out slowly to all users within the next 24–48 hours

We are excited to finally release the first version of VNFTx. VNFTx is an upgradeable contract meaning we can keep adding new features or patch some bugs (unlike the original VNFT) while keeping the current game state like rarity, hp, challenges, and more. With VNFTx we are introducing a new way to define a “good” pet, here’s what’s new:

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New vNFT Page

HP And Rarity


Every pet’s rarity points will start at 0, every accessory you attach to your pet has X rarity points, the higher your rarity points the higher your chances of reaching the so desirable 100 Hp. …

Hey vNifters!

After days of hard-work and tests, It is with great pleasure we announce a new Liquidity Provider incentive.

Meet Melonpan

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Meet Melonpan.

Each Melonpan comes with a unique (1 of 1) colored unicorn (coming tomorrow).

Melonpan is not only unique in it’s look but gives you a guaranteed opportunity to get muse via cash-backs if you match it with the right accessory.

Note that we might discontinue the minting of Melonpans and introduce a new vNFT with different features at any moment depending on game upgardes.

How to get a unique Melonpan?

TLDR: we tweaked in production the $muse reward formula cause of a typo, but luck is still on our side.

Very Nifty was created by two internet friends. We are on an awesome adventure since 3 weeks. As you may guess, building an innovative project in a really fast environment (blockchain & NFT) is tough but we are still running after avoiding lots of critical mistakes and some smaller ones. We learn the hard way while trying to innovate and provide a fair and fun experience to the players.

We’re not a company, we didn’t raise any money or sold anything, we’re just two humans spread across the world building together to explore new ways to give life and value to NFTs. We currently spent way more time and Ether for gas fee than what we earn but we’re so excited by the adventure, this project and the community around it so we keep going. …

Hi vNifters! today we are excited to share our new release and some of our short term plans.

The goals of this version is:

As always, we’ll keep developing the game for as long as we have fun and this is all an experiment. Those changes are done to improve the game and will be introduced with no guarantee of success, but we are trying.

Balancing level progression and muse reward

As many noticed, the initial distribution and minting of $muse went pretty well, we grew from 0 pre mined $muse to 80K $muse held by 600 wallets without pre mine or ICO. The first phase of the game was designed to have great inflation so this new asset could get enough circulation and distribution and reward early adopters such as yourself. …

Wen new vNFTs sirs? NOW!

We are excited to start releasing the new characters of vNFT! in order to give away the first character we are going to release it via a community lottery, anyone can participate and win it!

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Here’s how it works


1st place will get the new vNFT at a very advanced level based on how much the community fed it. …

Already two weeks since the launch of Very Nifty! We want to give you an overview of how the game is growing and what’s happening. As always, we’d like to thanks everyone who plays with us, give ideas, and even start building new things on top of our game.

With VeryNifty you can wrap your NFTS and turn them into vNFTs, your vNFTs earn you MUSE (erc20) once a day by clicking on claim rewards. Use MUSE to buy different gems and raise in the leaderboard, the higher you are in the leaderboard the more MUSE you’ll mine daily. …


Very Nifty

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