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Very Nifty

Plan moving forward

The CUDL Token

70% Less Gas Costs

90% less CUDL emission and food costs

What is Milk?

we found this image from

Achievements so far

  • Fully functioning game with different strategies and features: bonk, fatalities, races, leaderboard, etc
  • Over 2100 Mooncats joined the game and 1830 are alive right now in…

Today we are happy to introduce the Mooncat Lottery Pet!

Here are the rules

  1. Anyone in the community can feed…

The Tao of Pooh the Bear


What is NFT20?

  • The new contract issues Staked Muse (sMUSE), an ERC20 that offers a new range of use cases for the $Muse ecosystem.
  • The first contract had an arithmetic error spotted by Bailey T that could have locked forever some $Muse on the contract in the long term after distribution started.


  • Visit…

What is NFT20?

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