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4 min readOct 17, 2020


It’s been a crazy week following the launch of Very Nifty!. We’d first like to thanks everyone who gave it a try and had fun with us discovering the game mechanics live on the blockchain!

With VeryNifty you can wrap your NFTS and turn them into vNFTs, your vNFTs earn you MUSE (erc20) once a day by clicking on claim rewards. Use MUSE to buy different gems and raise in the leaderboard, the higher you are in the leaderboard the more MUSE you’ll mine daily. Careful though, if you don’t buy gems for several days your vNFT will die and get burned and won’t be able to mine any more MUSE.

During this week, a total of 1083 addresses spent 55 Ether (around 20k USD) in transaction fees playing the game that’s an average of 18$ per player going from few cents to 650$ for the biggest player. Those 1083 users sent a total of 14274 transactions.

Let’s first looks at how many vNFT were minted, how many are still alive and how are they distributed across level:

A total of 1430 vNFT were born and 85% of them are still alive:

The vNFT minted are distributed across 3 categories:

  • 1418 were given in the airdrop
  • 8 are MEME NFTs wrapped by their users (a feature launched 12 hours ago)
  • 4 were minted by staking $Muse

Here is how the vNFT were born over time:

Then we can have a look at the distribution of vNFT that were fed at least one time across levels with the first on the leaderboard leading at level 42:

When vNFT is starving, another player can “fatalize” it and get 60% of it’s score, here is the number of victims over time:

We first thought bots will abuse this functionality but we’re quite happy to see that the mechanic is used by 23 players in a quite distributed way:

WaffleMakr even published the VeryNifty-Tools, a set of scripts that let you automate watching for soon to starve vNFTs and send transaction to get them and increase the score of one of your vNFT.

While players use their vNFT to mint new $muse, they are currently two ways to have $muse burnt (buying gems to feed you vNFT and wrapping a existing NFT to become a vNFT). Here is how many $muse was minted per day and burnt:

We can see that the introduction of the wrapping of existing Meme token was introduced today, a massive amount of the $muse circulating supply was burnt to mine these 8 new vNFT (100 $muse each).

They are currently 5 different gems available for players to feed your vNFT. Each has different characteristics: some help you get more points and some are aimed to keep your vNFT alive longer without giving much reward, here is they are used over time:

As gas price is currently fair on the Ethereum network, we can see that users currently prefer using gems that improve their vNFT level instead of making them live longer.

A big thanks to the amazing tools used for exploring our data: Dune Analytics and Metabase!

This is all experimental, don’t invest money in us

We like to emphasize over and over that this is all experimental and you should not invest money in us if you are expecting to make returns. This is our experiment with fair launching, NFTs and community development, we are trying to do something big or fail badly.

Stay tuned for more news coming next week as things seem to move very fast with vNFT.

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