Introducing new $MUSE Liquidity Incentives

We are excited to announce that the community decided for $MUSE to be the main token of the NFT20 NFT dex.

NFT20 is a permissionless NFT DEX with the objectives of bringing liquidity to NFT projects and finding the right price for users, collectors and funds for investing into NFTs.

Today we are launching 4 staking pools to help create liquidity for DOKI DOKI, NodeRunners and Chonk NFTs as well as for the MUSE-ETH pair.

$MUSE as a diversification asset for the NFT industry

The NFT20 platforms makes a 5% fee of every tokenized NFT, those tokens can be exchanged back to NFTs or sold on Uniswap for profits and speculation.

By mining $MUSE you get 2 value propositions:

You can sell on Uniswap right away for profits.

Or Keep $MUSE and take a cut from all the fees the NFT20 DEX generates, when the fees are distributed you’ll get tokens from Doki Doki NFTs, NodeRunners, Chonker and all the future assets that are added to the NFT20 dex.

This acts as a diversification method for the NFT industry as you can always liquidate those tokens that represent the base value of each NFT project.

In the long term $MUSE could be used as a hedge against the NFT industry.

Strategize wisely.

How to provide liquidity?

Add liquidity to one of the following pairs on Uniswap:

  1. DOKI20-ETH
  2. NDR20-ETH

And stake the LP tokens you get on, you’ll get daily $MUSE rewards.

How to get NDR20, CHONK20 or DOKI20?

In NFT20 anyone can deposit an NFT in the right pool and get the ERC20 tokens derivatives of that NFT, so to get the tokens you can lock an NFT from those projects into NFT20, or you can buy those tokens on Uniswap.

Note that you can claim back any NFT that is available in the pools by depositing 100 tokens back.