New LP rewards & Short Term Plans

Meet Melonpan

Meet Melonpan.

How to get a unique Melonpan?

  1. Add liquidity to our ETH-MUSE Uniswap pool.
  2. Stake your LP tokens gotten on VeryNiffty.
  3. When a player gets 400 points, a special Melonpan vNFT can be redeemed.
  4. The points from the staking pool will be capped at 2000 a day, meaning only 5 Melonpans can be minted daily.
  5. The points will be rewarded according to your percentage of the liquidity pool.

Accessories, battles and more “challenges” are coming

We got offered a grant by one of the major Blockchain companies

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Very Nifty

Very Nifty

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