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Nov 9, 2020

2 min read

New LP rewards & Short Term Plans

Hey vNifters!

After days of hard-work and tests, It is with great pleasure we announce a new Liquidity Provider incentive.

Meet Melonpan

Each Melonpan comes with a unique (1 of 1) colored unicorn (coming tomorrow).

Melonpan is not only unique in it’s look but gives you a guaranteed opportunity to get muse via cash-backs if you match it with the right accessory.

Note that we might discontinue the minting of Melonpans and introduce a new vNFT with different features at any moment depending on game upgardes.

How to get a unique Melonpan?

  1. Add liquidity to our ETH-MUSE Uniswap pool.
  2. Stake your LP tokens gotten on VeryNiffty.
  3. When a player gets 400 points, a special Melonpan vNFT can be redeemed.
  4. The points from the staking pool will be capped at 2000 a day, meaning only 5 Melonpans can be minted daily.
  5. The points will be rewarded according to your percentage of the liquidity pool.

Note that minting of unique melonpans will only start tomorrow, but points you earn starting today will still count. The points required might change but ratio will stay the same (5th of daily points issuance will redeem one Melonpan)

If you were providing liquidity in the old LP pool, we recommend you to move your LP tokens to the new pool. Old pool will get discontinued soon.

Accessories, battles and more “challenges” are coming

We are less than week away from releasing a complete new set of features: the vNFT bazaar, challenges, battles and much more. Stay tuned for a separate article on this in the coming days.

We got offered a grant by one of the major Blockchain companies

As we are community led, no pre mine and no pre sale, we would like to keep what we can as open as possible.

Last week one of the bigger crypto companies offered us a cash grant (with no strings attached) and marketing help if we develop some parts of our games in their platform.

We are still discussing internally if developing on their platform is good long term for the vNFT game, we will update the community as soon as we make a decision.

Due to the nature of blockchain, we can’t discuss which company is that, so don’t ask us.

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