The sacred getting started book of Very Nifty

  • An Ethereum wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet..)
  • Ether to pay trasaction fees

Getting into

They are 4 ways to get your hand on a vNFT (ranked by difficulty of doing):

Taking care of your vNFT

Click on your vNFT to view their stats:

  • Need to approve the transfer of $muse
  • Click the mine button.
  • With this first 6 $muse you can feed your vNFT with a gem for the first time.
  • Drag and drop one of the gem on the right on the image of your vNFT.

Healthy life

Each vNFT has HP. The HP determines how well your vNFT can act during battles and other gaming mechanics. It’s important to keep your vNFT at a good level oh hp. The HP is determined by 3 factors:

  • The current level your vNFT is at compared to how much time he lived (70%)
  • The rarity score of your vNFT determined by the accessories he has (15%)
  • The number of accessories your vNFT has (15%)

Pimp your vNFT in the Bazaar

Dive the rabbit hole

This basic guide helps you getting started but there is way more behind Very Nifty. Join our telegram or Discord and explore the following links:

This is all experimental, don’t invest money in us

We like to emphasize over and over that this is all experimental and you should not invest money in us if you are expecting to make returns. This is our experiment with fair launching, NFTs and community development, we are trying to do something big or fail badly.



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