The sacred getting started book of Very Nifty

Very Nifty
4 min readNov 21, 2020

Learn how to join and play very nifty by following this simple guide. With VeryNifty you can wrap your NFTS and turn them into vNFTs, your vNFTs earn you MUSE (erc20) once a day by clicking on claim rewards. Use MUSE to buy different gems and raise in the leaderboard, the higher you are in the leaderboard the more MUSE you’ll mine daily. Careful though, if you don’t buy gems for several days your vNFT will die and get burned and won’t be able to mine any more MUSE.

You can find a video introduction made by NiftyKhee on how to play Very Nifty:

What you’ll need:

  • An Ethereum wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet..)
  • Ether to pay trasaction fees

Getting into

They are 4 ways to get your hand on a vNFT (ranked by difficulty of doing):

Once you get you hand on your first vNFT, you’ll see displayed in any wallet that supports NFTs. To acces see your NFT in our game, go to the play tab.

Taking care of your vNFT

Click on your vNFT to view their stats:

A vNFT is precious and need to be taken care of, your vNFT will die and leave the museum gallery if you don’t buy gems with $MUSE at least once in the first 72 hours.

The TOD (Time of Death) counter at the top right will let you know until when your vNFT is safe. If the TOD is reached, anyone can hunt your vNFT to get 60% of his points and your vNFT will be burnt forever.

In order to extend the TOD, we’ll first need to mine the vNFT (a level 0 gives 6 $muse). For this you’ll:

  • Need to approve the transfer of $muse
  • Click the mine button.
  • With this first 6 $muse you can feed your vNFT with a gem for the first time.
  • Drag and drop one of the gem on the right on the image of your vNFT.

Every gem reset the current TOD of your vNFT to the amount of the gem. And adds some specific number of points, the points gives score to your vNFT that determine his level and his hp (health). The first levels are easy to pass but the more your vNFT grows the more he’ll need points to pass levels but the more he’ll produce $muse once a day.

You can also click on the name of your vNFT to edit it and showcase your collection on the leaderboard.

Healthy life

Each vNFT has HP. The HP determines how well your vNFT can act during battles and other gaming mechanics. It’s important to keep your vNFT at a good level oh hp. The HP is determined by 3 factors:

  • The current level your vNFT is at compared to how much time he lived (70%)
  • The rarity score of your vNFT determined by the accessories he has (15%)
  • The number of accessories your vNFT has (15%)

Accessories are described in the following part

Pimp your vNFT in the Bazaar

To buy from the bazaar, you’ll need to have a vNFT that qualifies the required HP and enough $muse in your wallet. When clicking the buy button, you’ll have to decide which vNFT should be equiped with the new accessory. Keep in mind that some accessory like the cashback one are only attachable once and can’t be removed from your vNFT. If your vNFT dies your accessory will be gone forever with it.

On the “My accessories” page you can attach and dettach accessories from your vNFT. Accessories gives ararity points and some legendary ones gives special abilities like changing color or getting additional $muse on certain conditions.

You can also trade accessories on second hand market (OpenSea).

Learn how to use battle and cashback accessory:

Dive the rabbit hole

This basic guide helps you getting started but there is way more behind Very Nifty. Join our telegram or Discord and explore the following links:

This is all experimental, don’t invest money in us

We like to emphasize over and over that this is all experimental and you should not invest money in us if you are expecting to make returns. This is our experiment with fair launching, NFTs and community development, we are trying to do something big or fail badly.