VeryNifty Museum FAQs

Very Nifty
3 min readOct 3, 2020

A huge thanks to Aimable DUSINGIZIMANA for gathering the best questions from the Telegram and putting them up in this article.

When does vNFT Museum launch?

We are live! checkout

How many times can I mine with each vNFT ?

Each vNFT lets you mine and get $muse tokens 1 time per 24 hours.

If I claim my NFT and do nothing with it for some time, will I lose it?

If you forget to buy any gems for 72 hours your NFT will die meaning it can’t mine $muse anymore or participate in the game. You’ll still see the vNFT in your wallet until someone uses the fatality on him (see below) and burns it.

What is the amount $muse I get from mining?

The amount you get per mine will vary based on your place in the leaderboard, we ill publish the algorithm soon but here’s a sneak peak.

How do you get up in the leaderboard?

When you buy gems you earn different points and levels, the leaderboard is decided by who has the most points.

The higher level your vNFT is at, the more $muse you’ll get each time you mine.

Can anyone wrap other NFTs they own and use those to mine $muse? Or can I just get my first vNFT without having any NFT?

At start only native vNFTs (the ones we’ll let you claim for free) will be supported.

Soon after launch well approve other NFT smart contracts like kitties, axies, etc and you’ll be able to convert those into a vNFT.

Is this limited to the NFT’s on the ETH blockchain?


If we don’t have time for the game, how can we use the NFT?

The game rewards participants. We hope the community develop solution like automatic nursing in the future to take care of people’s nfts

Will $muse tokens also be tradeable on uniswap? Or would they get burned if we move them to a different address?

If the community decides to provide liquidity in Uniswap we will help by giving yield. The token itself is an erc20 token like all Ethereum tokens

Will people be able to sell their native airdropped vNFTs?

Yes you will be able to sell and buy on any marketplace like Opensea.

Can I “get ahead” by leveraging the fact that someone else had their vNFT die?

Yes, you can use the “fatality” and burn dead vNFTs and claim some of the scores they earned, so you’ll improve your score and mine more $muse

Can I use bought $muse (vs mined) to purchase things in museum and keep my vNFT alive. So without ever actually mining?

Sure. But this will depend on if there is a market for the token. We hope people will create uniswap/sushiswap pools.

I had 2 vNFTs in one wallet and I wanted to mine 1 time. Do I get $muse amount based on all vNFTs held in that wallet at the time I mine?

You can mine up to 2 times per day per vNFT so you can decide with which vNFTs to mine each time and the rewards will be based on the current level of that specific vNFT.

NOTE: We might change he rules at any time without previous notice, we are still experimenting with the game.