VeryNifty Museum FAQs

When does vNFT Museum launch?

How many times can I mine with each vNFT ?

If I claim my NFT and do nothing with it for some time, will I lose it?

What is the amount $muse I get from mining?

How do you get up in the leaderboard?

Can anyone wrap other NFTs they own and use those to mine $muse? Or can I just get my first vNFT without having any NFT?

Is this limited to the NFT’s on the ETH blockchain?

If we don’t have time for the game, how can we use the NFT?

Will $muse tokens also be tradeable on uniswap? Or would they get burned if we move them to a different address?

Will people be able to sell their native airdropped vNFTs?

Can I “get ahead” by leveraging the fact that someone else had their vNFT die?

Can I use bought $muse (vs mined) to purchase things in museum and keep my vNFT alive. So without ever actually mining?

I had 2 vNFTs in one wallet and I wanted to mine 1 time. Do I get $muse amount based on all vNFTs held in that wallet at the time I mine?

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