VeryNifty v0.420 Release, Supply Curve Update, New Characters & Plans

The goals of this version is:

  • Decrease inflation
  • Increase incentive to raise level
  • Make more fair minting vNFT / LP rewards/ wrapping
  • Get long term players

Balancing level progression and muse reward

New NFTs and airdrop distribution

New monsters!

What are we working on

  1. Unique vNFT accessories and rarity points.
  2. Multi feeding and multi mining
  3. New strategies to play the game: attacks, challenges, and more (stay tuned for details on this in 2 weeks).
  4. Much much more.

Our Untitled Hackaton submission

This is all experimental, don’t invest money in us

Our Links:

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Very Nifty

Very Nifty

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