VeryNifty v0.420 Release, Supply Curve Update, New Characters & Plans

Hi vNifters! today we are excited to share our new release and some of our short term plans.

The goals of this version is:

As always, we’ll keep developing the game for as long as we have fun and this is all an experiment. Those changes are done to improve the game and will be introduced with no guarantee of success, but we are trying.

Balancing level progression and muse reward

As many noticed, the initial distribution and minting of $muse went pretty well, we grew from 0 pre mined $muse to 80K $muse held by 600 wallets without pre mine or ICO. The first phase of the game was designed to have great inflation so this new asset could get enough circulation and distribution and reward early adopters such as yourself.

However, at this pace we would reach the 1 million cap in a few weeks, this would introduce a new set of problems and it is not the right time to solve them, so here it goes:

Previous parameters:

level(score) = 2 * sqrt(2 * score / 100)

reward(level) = 5 + level * 6/7

New parameters starting tomorrow:

level(score) = 2 * sqrt(2 * score / 100)

reward(level) = 5 + level * 2/7

edited from reward(level) = 5 + level * 1/6 in original article

New NFTs and airdrop distribution

New monsters!

Tomorrow Friday October 30 we will be distributing our second and last airdrop.

Starting tomorrow first generation characters will stop being generated. Airdrop participants and muse stakers will start seeing the new characters right away, they are randomly generated for every new mint.

What are we working on

In the next few weeks we are focusing on a new contract, we like to call it VNFTx

Here are some of the features that VNFTx will introduce:

Our Untitled Hackaton submission

So much has happened since launch that we are not sure if the community is aware that vNFT started by Adam and Jules participating in a Hackaton.

This week the NFT Untitled Hackaton has ended and we submitted our progress, we are excited to see the results on November 7 and hope to win the first prize of $5000!.

This is all experimental, don’t invest money in us

We like to emphasize over and over that this is all experimental and you should not invest money in us if you are expecting to make returns. This is our experiment with fair launching, NFTs and community development, we are trying to do something big or fail badly.

Stay tuned for more news coming next week as things seem to move very fast with vNFT.

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