VeryNifty V0.5: Accessories, Cashback & Governance(!?)

New vNFT Page

HP And Rarity


Every pet’s rarity points will start at 0, every accessory you attach to your pet has X rarity points, the higher your rarity points the higher your chances of reaching the so desirable 100 Hp.


The max HP a pet can achieve is 100, while the lowest is 0.

The Bazaar

The bazaar is where you’ll manage all your addons. Different accessories will have different powers.

A demo of the bazaar.

Introducing the first 3 accessories

We are very excited to continue working with Rektmerev.eth, and he is the creator of the 3 first accessories.

The Legend

This is a 1 of 1, will never be minted again, it gives you high rarity points and costs 1000 Muse.



This accessory will give you 40 rarity points and the option to change the color of 1 attribute of your pet (each pet has a different attribute that can be colored). This addon costs 50 Muse and is limited to the first 700 pets, this CAN turn your pet into a 1 of 1.



With all these new features we expect from users to start using more muse, therefore we are introducing a new way to reward them!

Artist Program

With VNFTx we are introducing our artist program! we will vet the best artists from the NFT community and invite them to not only design accessories but provide ideas from their creativity on what those accessories should do, Rektmerev was the first and offered great help and deciding factors besides the art.

When Battles and Cashback?

Battles and cashback claiming is ready and will be deployed a few days after the accessories to make sure everything works on main net.

My vNFT as governance vote for a Loan or Dex system?

We never hid our plans of making something bigger than a game within the NFT ecosystem, after all says we are a NFT experiments shop.

This is all experimental, don’t invest money in us

We like to emphasize over and over that this is all experimental and you should not invest money in us if you are expecting to make returns. This is our experiment with fair launching, NFTs and community development, we are trying to do something big or fail badly.

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