Introducing Cashback, Battles & Update to Gems

Very Nifty
3 min readNov 29, 2020

We are excited to announce that Tuesday December 1st cashback and battles are being released! If this is the first time you hear about the game, get started by reading our getting started guide.

💵 Cashback 💵

You can claim $MUSE cashback once every 7 days, the cashback amount is 40% of the minimum required gem price to stay at 90% HP.

At the moment that’s the 6 muse gem. So you’ll get 16 $MUSE every 7 days (40% of 6 $MUSE gem * 7 days).

To be able to claim the cashback you must:

  1. Own the cashback cat accessory.
  2. Have a pet that lived for at least 14 days
  3. Have 90 HP or more at the moment of claiming.

⚔️ Battles ⚔️

Battles are here! you get one attack per level (example; if your pet is level 10 you can attack 10 times).

To be able to attack another pet you need to:

  1. Own battle accessory
  2. Have at least 70hp
  3. Your opponent must be below 90hp.

After you attack someone a random generator gets executed in the smart contract to decide the winner, the odds are as follows:

You get 3 * your level chance yo win out of 3 * your level + 1 * opponent level.

Risks and benefits of battles

The winner of a battle gets the higher between 10% of the sum of your pet level and your opponnents level, or 4 $MUSE

Example: if you are on level 10 and battle a level 40 and you win you get 5 MUSE, if you battle a level 0 and win you get 4 $MUSE

If the loser has hp of 20 or lower, his hp decreases to the equal of 6 days 6$MUSE gem. On the other hand If his hp is higher then 20 his HP decreases to the equal of 3 days 6 $MUSE gem.

Every pet can be attacked a maximum of 10 times, pets with 90HP or above can’t be attacked.

💎Gem Changes💎

We keep trying to find ways to fine tune the algorithm and finally come out of beta, today we are one step further with the updated gems:

  1. Simple 5 $MUSE +100 PTS TOD 2 Days
  2. Boost 6 $MUSE +190 PTS TOD 1.5 Days
  3. Rekt 20 $MUSE +1 PTS TOD 4 Days
  4. Rug Pull 30 $MUSE +100 PTS TOD 7 Days
  5. Chad 13 $MUSE +444 PTS TOD 1 Days
  6. Pamp it 100 $MUSE +3100 PTS TOD 5 Days

A note of thanks to the community

As the VeryNifty ecosystem grows we expect to be joined by Moonboys zombies from time to time, they don’t care about finding out what we are about but will just ape in as Moonboys do.

As volume increased this week and things got a bit hectic, It was great to see many community members staying true to our culture, you not only referred them to the Traders chat, but were helpful in answering questions there and even trying to convince them to play the game instead of aping into a 4 letter thing on a screen ($muse).

We are playing by different rules from the greater crypto ecosystem. So far the experiment is growing organically and we can all feel it. Who knows, if we stay true to ourselves we might even make it.

What’s to come

With cashbacks and accessories we’ve finished our initial roadmap in only 1.5 months without any funding or premine.

Our plan moving forward is to start new experiments under the umbrella while keep adding features to vNFT. Here’s what you can expect from us in the coming weeks:

  1. A fun game for all NFT projects, of course vNFT will get an advantage within the game.
  2. The tokenization/dex of NFTs.

We will share more details on everything in an upcoming article, stay tuned and don’t let your pets die!