Introducing Cashback, Battles & Update to Gems

💵 Cashback 💵

You can claim $MUSE cashback once every 7 days, the cashback amount is 40% of the minimum required gem price to stay at 90% HP.

  1. Own the cashback cat accessory.
  2. Have a pet that lived for at least 14 days
  3. Have 90 HP or more at the moment of claiming.

⚔️ Battles ⚔️

Battles are here! you get one attack per level (example; if your pet is level 10 you can attack 10 times).

  1. Own battle accessory
  2. Have at least 70hp
  3. Your opponent must be below 90hp.

Risks and benefits of battles

The winner of a battle gets the higher between 10% of the sum of your pet level and your opponnents level, or 4 $MUSE

💎Gem Changes💎

We keep trying to find ways to fine tune the algorithm and finally come out of beta, today we are one step further with the updated gems:

  1. Simple 5 $MUSE +100 PTS TOD 2 Days
  2. Boost 6 $MUSE +190 PTS TOD 1.5 Days
  3. Rekt 20 $MUSE +1 PTS TOD 4 Days
  4. Rug Pull 30 $MUSE +100 PTS TOD 7 Days
  5. Chad 13 $MUSE +444 PTS TOD 1 Days
  6. Pamp it 100 $MUSE +3100 PTS TOD 5 Days

A note of thanks to the community

As the VeryNifty ecosystem grows we expect to be joined by Moonboys zombies from time to time, they don’t care about finding out what we are about but will just ape in as Moonboys do.

What’s to come

With cashbacks and accessories we’ve finished our initial roadmap in only 1.5 months without any funding or premine.

  1. A fun game for all NFT projects, of course vNFT will get an advantage within the game.
  2. The tokenization/dex of NFTs.



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